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HOSMAT Dental Clinic is designed to provide dental treatment, where functional and cosmetic correction of teeth is done by qualified specialists. Techniques in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, helping you to obtain a dynamic smile you have always wanted. Rehabilitation of lost tooth caused due to trauma, thereby achieving aesthetic results by construction of lost tooth structures and replacement of teeth by dental implants or by fisced partial dentures.

Our clinic centrally located in Bangalore aims at offering different specialties of dentistry like periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillo facial surgery, implantology, pedodontics, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry all at an affordable cost. Dental Implants provide a strong foundation for your new permanent tooth/teeth.

We offer you everything a patient needs under one roof utilizing the latest in dental techniques and technology. Our friendly and caring staff welcome patients of all ages to make your dental visits painless and comfortable.

We believe in giving the best professional service with trained qualified doctors of all specialties, moving along with science and technology. The combination of competent staff and advanced technologies assure you the healthy teeth and beautiful smile that you have always dreamt of.

We offer all service like Digital X-Rays, Implant Centre, Diagnostic Lab, Inpatient Services, Personal Nursing care, Physician in-house and good hospitality.

We also offer a comprehensive range of affordable dental treatment for international clients. Now we also offer an exciting dental tourism opportunity to combine your dental procedure.

Dr. Anuradha who has worked for 18 yrs. in the field of Maxillo Facial Surgery. Started her career in a Trauma Centre with the Govt. for 7 yrs., Along with her private practice became an Academician is now the Professor & Head of the Department in Maxillo Facial Surgery, Dental College - INDIA. Her field of interest is Facial Aesthetics. So she does Orthognathic, Trauma, Implantology & Cosmetology. She is the Managing Director of the Dental, Implantology & Facial Aesthetic Centre at HOSMAT, Bangalore. does General Dentistry when need arises. Believes in Team work, she has specialists working in her centre who are all well qualified in the respective field of Dentistry.